Myopia Treatment

  Complete Treatment of Myopia

In foresight or vision defects, one can easily and clearly see distant things while the nearest objects appear blurr. Vision impairment is called hyperopia in health parlance. How serious the vision defect is depends on your ability to see.

 Two parts of the eye are responsible for viewing, the cornea and the lens. The cornea is the transparent part of the front of the eye, while the lens is made inside the eye, which also changes the shape of things when they are seen. The cornea and the lens both work together and mix the incoming light and focus it on the retina. The retina is behind the eye ball. When light enters the eye, it is unable to focus properly, that is the vision of the vision. Even if the eyeball is smaller than normal, far-sightedness can occur. Farsightedness is a very common problem that can be easily corrected.


  Reason :

In farsightedness or foresight defects, distant things appear clean and nearby things are blurred. In the state of eye rest, parallel rays of light are focussed somewhat behind the sensitive layer of the retina. This is why a person has trouble seeing things nearby. Apart from this, if the parents have far-sightedness, then it can also affect the children. Apart from this, this problem can also start with aging. The easiest way to overcome farsightedness is through eyeglasses or contact lenses. By using lenses, we are able to focus better on the light entering the eyes.



 Symptoms :

  • Abnormal fatigue feeling.

 • Burning or pain around the eye

 • to be stressed

 • Blurred vision (close to the eye)

 • Difficulty reading and writing



  • To make the eyes light up, take full food with vitamins.

 • Eat foods like milk and yogurt.

 • Egg is also very beneficial for the eyes.

 • Make an powder by mixing equal amount of fennel, sugar candy and almonds and eat it in the morning and evening.

 • Laddus made of almonds and gaund are also beneficial for the eyes.

 • Salad to brighten the eyes

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