Symptoms and Treatment of Cataract

There are four types of cataracts are :-

 1-Secondary cataract
  Cataracts can occur after surgery for any eye problem, such as glaucoma.  Apart from this, due to other types of diseases in the body, such as diabetes, or sometimes people who use steroid can also occur.

  2-Traumatic cataract
  Cataracts can also be caused by an eye injury.  Cataracts can still occur after several years of injury.

  3-Congenital cataract
  Some children have cataracts from birth or can also emerge in childhood.  This cataract is so small that it does not affect the vision of the eye, but if so, the lens of the eye may need to be changed.

4-Radiation cataract
  Some cataracts can occur even when exposed to various types of radiation.


 The lens inside the eye acts like a camera.  This focuses the light on the retina, making things visible.  Lenses consist of water and protein.  The protein remains attached to the lens in such a way that it keeps the lens clean so that the light can pass through.

  With aging, some proteins accumulate in one place and accumulate on one part of the lens.  In this case, cataract occurs due to the formation of excessive protein in the eye lens, which makes the lens blurred.  This does not allow the light to go through the lens completely, so that the eye is not clearly visible.  In this case, all the new lens cells accumulate on the outside of the lens, while all the old lens cells gather in the middle of the lens, which is called cataract or cataract.


  • Any other disease in the eyes, such as glaucoma etc.
  • Congenital eye cataract
  • having diabetes
  • Taking steroids for any body trouble, such as asthma
  • Sudden exposure to strong light or continuous high light
  • Excessive smoking or alcohol consumption.


   • White layer deposition on eye lens
  Two things visible with one eye
  • Light appears to be very sharp at times.
  • Light color of any object
  • Any object appearing blurred
  • Changing the number of glasses repeatedly
  • Having trouble with strong light
  • Appearance of rings in night light
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Eyelid weakening in the evening
Rescue  :

   • Protect yourself from sunlight or strong light, wearing glasses on your eyes and a hat on your head
  • Do not take any kind of intoxication
  • eat nutritious food
  • Get your eyes checked periodically
  • Stay away from stress
  • Keep diabetes under control.


   When it comes to the eyes, the problem should be taken seriously, because once the light of the eyes has gone, it cannot be found again.  Cataract is also a serious problem, in which a spot on the eye lens comes on the eye lens.  You see everything that you see and you look like a blot there.  While cataracts can be removed by surgery, cataracts are also possible with the help of some home remedies.  If you are conscious in the beginning, then it is possible that you do not have to undergo surgery or operation.

  • Garlic

  Garlic has innumerable health benefits and is equally beneficial for the eyes.  Eating two to three cloves of garlic (2 to 3 clove) daily will start appearing completely clear from the eyes and in a few days the complaint of spots will disappear.

  • Spinach

  Eating spinach cures cataracts to a great extent.  Spinach has beta carotene and antioxidant properties.  By eating spinach daily, the cataract of the eyes ends in a few days and the eyes become as before.

  • Milk and Almond

  People with cataracts have mostly red eyes and are more difficult to deal with.  In such a situation, milk and almonds give benefit to the eyes.  Soak almonds in milk overnight for treatment.  Sieve this milk in the morning and pour its drops into the eyes and chew the almonds and eat it.

  • Green Tea

  Green tea can cause eye light.  Green tea is also beneficial in common eye problems.  Drinking green tea three to four times a day is a health benefit to the eyes.  Antioxidants present in green tea give freshness to the eyes.

  • Raw Papaya

  Raw papaya contains an enzyme named Papain which helps in digestion of protein (Protien).  People suffering from cataract have difficulty digesting protein, so raw papaya gives benefit to people suffering from cataract.  By using raw papaya daily, the lens of the eye starts glowing like new.

  • Vitamin C

  Vitamin C plays an important role in the treatment of cataracts.  Cataract structures can be prevented by the intake of vitamin C.  Use such foods in the diet, which have maximum vitamin C.  Apart from this, it can also be taken as Vitamin C Suppliment.

  • Raw Vegetables

  Raw vegetables can work wonders for the eyes.  Raw vegetables contain high amounts of nutrients and vitamin A, which is essential for eye health.  Using raw vegetables in your daily diet can be used to deal with cataracts as well as other common eye problems.  Eat raw vegetables as salad as much as possible.

  • Bilberrys

  Cataract is not completely removed from the berries, but ambiguity of vision can be corrected by eating berries.  Berries are rich in anthocyanosides and flavones that protect the retina and eye lenses.

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