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 About High Blood Pressure

 Blood pressure on the arteries is called blood pressure. Normally, there is a certain pressure of the blood flowing in our arteries, when this pressure becomes high, the pressure on the arteries increases and this condition is known by high blood pressure. Chronic hypertension can harm the body in many ways. Even heart failure can occur.

 • Systolic blood pressure
 The maximum blood pressure that occurs when the left ventricle is narrowed to push blood into the aorta during ventricular systole is systolic blood pressure.

 • Blood pressure range in normal condition
 Normal healthy adult resting systolic pressure complex 100 Hg. From 140 mm. It lives between mercury and 120 mm on average.


• smoking
 • obesity
 • Inactivity
 • Excess salt intake
 • drinking alcohol
 • Tension
 • growing old
 • Heredity
 • Family History
 • chronic kidney disease
 • thyroid disorder


  • Complaints of vomiting and irritability
 • Shortness of breath, tiredness, tiredness
 • dizziness
 • Leg pain
 • being stressed
 • bleeding nose
 • Insomnia
 • Constant headache, dizzy head
 • difficulty breathing
 • Back and neck pain
 • fast heartbeat
 • Feeling pain in the heart area

   Home Remedies Treatment

  • Garlic
 Eat garlic only on an empty stomach in the morning. Garlic has blood thinning properties which also prevents blood clotting. You can start using garlic after consulting a doctor.

 • Drum Sticks
 The protein contains vitamins, vitamins and other nutrients which are very important from the point of view of physical health. The easiest way to use shahajan is to make its beans with lentils and eat them. Higher blood pressure is also normal.

 • Gooseberry
 Amla has high amount of Vitamin C which reduces the amount of cholesterol from the body. This keeps the heart healthy and controls high blood pressure.

 • Radish
 Radish is a common vegetable used in the kitchen, but it has high blood pressure controlling properties. Radish can be eaten as a salad or mixed with curd.

 • Sesame
 Sesame controls both blood pressure, diastolic and systolic. Sesame oil contains both Sesamin and Sesaminol which play an important role in reducing the stress of the body.
 High blood pressure can be controlled by using sesame in food. Sprinkling sesame laddus or sesame powder on top of salad or lentil vegetable is beneficial.

 • Flex Seed
 Flax seeds are one of the omega-3 fatty acids that contain high amounts of a compound called Alfa Linolenic Acid. Along with controlling high blood pressure, it also reduces the amount of cholesterol, which also makes the heart healthy.

 Change in routine (Changes in Daily Life Routine)

 • eat less salt
 • exercise regularly
 • Do not eat high fat food
 • Do not eat meat
 • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet
 • Stay away from stress


  • Exercise lightly or fast for one hour every day.
 • High fiber items should be taken in food.
 • You should make maximum efforts to keep yourself active.
 • Doctor's advice should be taken from time to time.

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