Symptoms and Treatment of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes has been considered the father of all diseases. After diabetes, the body easily engulfs many diseases. After 35 years, sugar must be regularly checked. By the way, there are many early symptoms that indicate diabetes. Therefore, one should be alert as soon as these symptoms appear on the body, take care of your food, and consult a skilled physician soon…

 1. Frequent urination.

 2. Too much thirst.

 3. Dry throat after drinking too much water.

 4. Very hungry even after eating food.

 5. Nausea and sometimes vomiting.

 6. Stiffness in hands and feet and body tingling.

 7. Skin dryness.

 8. Irritability.

 9. Headache.

 10. Lower body temperature.

 11. Muscle ache.

 12. Loss of weight.

 If we take a little care, if you improve your lifestyle, eating habits, then you can definitely overcome it.

Home Remedy Treatment

1. Do not eat sugar

 Today we are going to tell you that sugar which has become our daily requirement, can be very harmful for us. By the way, sugar is very important for our body and it has many benefits, such as sugar is a boon for less blood pressure people, sugar is very important to relieve depression or to reduce hunger. But we know that excessive use of anything is always harmful, same is with sugar, sugar contributes a lot in increasing sugar (diabetes). People who have high sugar should give up sugar completely. In our day-to-day tasks, whether it is sitting at a computer in the office, or any other work in the office, or any work, tea is taking a very big place in our life which is very harmful for us. . Tea if there is fatigue, tea if there is depression, if there is any meeting, then tea that brings too much sugar in our body, if we want to reduce sugar or never have sugar, tea should not be excessive. You can reduce sugar by keeping a check on some important things. \ N \ n1. Cold drinks contain a lot of sugar \ n2. Stop the sweets which have sugar etc. \ n \ nYou may be wondering how we will be able to stop sugar completely or that it has become our daily necessity. There is also a solution for this. Sugar free pill is available in the market today, using which you can easily normalize sugar.

 2. Eat less potatoes

   If you are a patient of sugar and want to reduce sugar completely or less, then remove the potato from your food. \ n Potato increases the sugar in our body very quickly. Potatoes contain carbohydrates which is essential for the body, even if you are normal, we should eat less potatoes. Potatoes contain vitamin C, B complex and iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and potatoes are also called the king of vegetables. Any vegetable should be mixed with potatoes and vegetable is ready. This is the reason why potatoes are used a lot in our lives, But if you have sugar then leave the potato

 3. Stop eating rice

  Rice is very harmful in sugar, if you want to normalize sugar, then stop the rice (rises) completely, and see how quickly it makes a difference on your sugar level. Rice is widely consumed in South India and is considered to be the staple food there, rice is also known as Bhat. Despite being healthy, this sugar is very harmful for the patient and increases the sugar. Rice or anything made of rice can harm you, so stop the rice and you will see its effect on your own

 4. Eat less greasy (oil)

   Lube oil means oil which is not only dangerous for the sugar patient, but for every common person, excess oil can spoil the physical balance. Therefore, the sugar patient should eat very little special grease. Nowadays, most of the things found in the market outside, be it kachori, samosa, pakodi, puri, all have the same amount of oil, so by keeping these items out, we can reduce the level of sugar present in our body. Some people have a habit of eating too much ghee so if possible, reduce the ghee slightly by eating it. Ghee is very useful for the body, but if we eat more than it can harm us, so if you are a sugar patient, then I think you should stop the ghee. Which will contribute a lot in reducing your sugar level.

 5. Start a walk in the morning

   Although there are some special exercises to eliminate every disease, but every person is unable to sit comfortably and exercise due to busy routine, so in this topic, we are telling you how beneficial it is to take a morning walk to normalize sugar. is. There are many benefits of a morning walk, such as - \ n \ n (1) If you take a walk in the morning, your bones will be strong \ n (2) If you take a walk in the morning then it also contributes a lot in reducing your weight. \ n (3) Stress will be reduced. \ n (рек) Sugar normalizes very surprisingly. \ n \ nThere is a lot of benefits from a morning walk, as well as doing sugar normal very fast. Now the question is, what time to go for a walk in the morning - according to your routine, you can go on a walk before the sun rises. The most important thing is that you only have to walk as much as your body is capable, if you try to walk more than your capacity, then your body will get tired quickly. That is why it is important to use our potential properly.
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