Sunburn Causes and Treatment

Sunburn Causes and Treatment


 It is common for skin to be affected by sunlight. If a person stays in the sun too long, the rays of the sun can damage his skin (Damage). If the skin becomes more watery or scorched due to strong sunlight, this condition is called sunburn.
  Ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the melanin element present in the skin, causing the scorched area to turn black or dark brown. Sometimes it can also be the cause of skin cancer. Due to this, many skin related problems start to occur and the skin starts to become dry. The effect of sunlight affects not only the skin but also the hair or every part that comes directly into the sunlight part. On continuous exposure to sunlight, the skin starts to look old and lifeless before age.

   Reason :

 Sunburn occurs when the sun's ultraviolet rays come into direct contact. The body naturally protects itself from the rays of the sun by producing natural melanin. Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin. The skin of dark or dark people is less damaged than that of white people because pigment is more formed in dark skin. Pigments are less in white people, so their skin is quickly damaged when exposed to the sun. Apart from this, the skin of people living in hill areas is also damaged more quickly than people living in the grounded area because the sun is closer and brighter than the ground.

   Symptoms :

   • The affected part feels hot on touching.
  • The affected part is dark red, black or dark brown.
  • The difference of skin can be seen immediately after coming from the sun.
  • Burning and pain may be felt on the affected area.
  • Permanent difference on the skin can be seen within 24 hours.
  • Skin looks dry and lifeless.
  • There may also be small blisters or watery rash.
  • Swelling can also occur on the affected area.
  • Vomiting may also occur with fever.

    Rescue :

   Wear full arms.
  - Apply cucumber, tomato and potato juice.
  - Place cold bandages on the sunburned area.
  - Apply sunscreen every four hours.
  - Use sunscreen half an hour before going in the sun.
  - Try not to get in the sun between 10 to 4 in the morning.
  - Aloe vera is also very beneficial on sun-scorched skin.
  - Applying cotton cloth in cold milk to the affected area.
  - Applying cold curd on the affected part also provides great relief.
  - Cover yourself well before venturing out into the sun, for example wearing eyeglasses, a head scarf or cap.

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