Acidity Causes and Treatment


 • If there is a problem of gas in the stomach, heartburn and indigestion, then believe it is acidity.  Acidity is the acid bile, in which the secretion of the food digesting chemical is either too much or too little.  Acidity is called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in the language of medicine.

      • Many times a person may also complain of chest pain due to acidity.  If this problem is happening again and again, it becomes a serious problem.  Due to acidity, sometimes food also reaches the respiratory tract through the food pipe, which can also cause cough or respiratory problems.  Not only this, in case of acidity problem, blood can also come in the mouth with sour water.

     Reason :

 • Irregularity in food and drink
     • not chewing food properly
     • not drinking enough water
     • eat more spicy food
     • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption

      Symptoms :

      • Sometimes there may be chest pain.
      • Sour belts.
      • Intake of food or sour water (acid) in the mouth.
      • Chest irritation
      • Stomach gas
      • nausea and vomiting


          Basil Leaves
          Basil leaves can give you instant relief from acidity, gas and vomiting.  Chew some basil leaves for treatment.  Apart from this, boil some basil leaves in water and filter the water.  Drink honey when lukewarm.  It is also a good remedy for acidity.
          Drinking buttermilk also provides great relief in acidity.  Buttermilk contains lactic acid to balance stomach acidity.  For treatment, make a paste by mixing fenugreek seeds with water.  Drink this paste in a glass of buttermilk.  This will also cure stomach pain and relieve gas.  Also, acidity will end.  Black salt and black pepper can also be added to this buttermilk to enhance taste and better results.
            Apple Cider Vinegar
            Apple vinegar is also an easy way to cure acidity.  For treatment, mix two teaspoons of raw apple vinegar in a cup of water and drink it twice a day.  It can be drunk even before eating food.
          Cumin is also an excellent acid neutralizer that reduces acidity.  Along with this, it also relieves stomach ache by increasing digestive power.  For treatment, roast cumin and make powder.  Drink this powder after eating food mixed with a glass of water.  Cumin powder can also be drunk by mixing it in buttermilk.
    Ginger has properties to fight stomach acidity which relieves acidity.  Chew a small piece of ginger in the mouth after eating for treatment.  Or crush ginger in a cup of water and boil it.  Sip and drink this water.

           Cold Milk
           Milk prevents the formation of acid in the stomach and also prevents the problem of acidity by stabilizing gastric acid.  However, in case of acidity problem, only cold milk should be drunk.  Hot milk is not as beneficial.
         Fennel helps digest food and keeps gas away.  Chew fennel in your mouth after eating food everyday.  Misri can also be mixed with fennel.  Doing so relieves acidity.

 Rescue  :

 Drink as much water as possible
 • Drink less tea and coffee
 • Do not take cold drinks or other artificial drinks
 Eat food on time and walk for some time, do not sleep immediately
 • Do not eat too much fried or spicy food
 • Use asafoetida in cooking

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