Symtoms and Treatment of Harmonal imbalance

Harmone imbalance

  1. Introduction to Harmone imbalance
  2. Causes of Harmone imbalance
  3. Symptoms of Harmone imbalance

Introduction to Harmone 

Due to hormone imbalance, the mood of women often starts to deteriorate and they become irritable. This imbalance causes common health problems such as pimples, excess hair growth on the face and body, signs of premature aging, menstrual disturbances, reluctance to sex, difficulty in pregnancy and infertility. Can be made. In addition to female hormone disturbances, in many women, excessive secretion of the male hormone testosterone is the cause of hepatism.

 Causes of hormone imbalance :

 Hormone imbalance in the body of women is affected due to many reasons, including lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress, emotions and age. Many people have the concept that hormone imbalance occurs after menopause when it is completely false. Many women are troubled by hormone imbalances throughout their ages. Due to changes in lifestyle and dietary habits, women are becoming more prone to hormone imbalance than before. Junk food and other foods have very high calorie intake but nutritional content is very low. Due to this, the body does not get the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. Due to excessive use of coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks etc., the adrenaline gland of many women becomes highly active which affects the secretion of hormones. Birth control pills also affect the secretion of hormones.

 Symptoms of hormone imbalance :

 Excessive bleeding during menstruation. Monthly cycle gone awry. excitement. Loss of appetite Insomnia. Problem focusing. Sudden weight gain Reluctance to sex and excessive sweating at night.

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